The Arts

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Drama Matters

Drama Matters is designed for members, ages 8-12 years, to raise awareness about the benefits of drama education. Members are exposed to areas such as set design, set building, lighting, costume, stage, make-up and directing.  It offers members different ways to express themselves creatively in hopes that they will discover a behind-the-scenes role in a production. Participants improve public speaking skills and participate in creative performing arts.

Fine Arts

This program encourages artistic expression through drawing, painting, print making, collage, mixed-media and sculpture while teaching participants how to work with the various mediums and showcasing work through local art exhibits. Partners such as the Columbia Museum of Art will provide classes, trips to the museum and a venue to display art work.


a stop motion video made by Riverbanks Summer Camp members Jahira S. and Aubrey D. ages 6 and 7